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Battle of Kado

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The Battle of Kado was a war between the Imperium and forces of Chaos on the Hive World of Kado.

As Imperial forces (including the Legio Crucius Titan Legion) defended the city from attacking Fiends, Daemonettess, Fire Lords, and Lords of Battle, a hundred Hell-Knights infiltrated the massive underground transport network of the Hive. As the Titans of the Legio Crucius blasted away, felling over 100,000 Chaos soldiers in little under a day, the Hell-Knights sped through the dimly lit tunnels and corridors, eradicating all they encountered. The old fusion-powered trains were destroyed and rumor of the Daemon Knights' passing spread through the hive. On the second day, the Hell-Knights burst into the main streets and destroyed everything they came across, including thousands of helpless civilians. Adeptus Arbites arrived, but these too were crushed and Hell-Knights fought their way back to the surface.[1]

They emerged within firing distance behind the Legio Crucius, and opened fire with their Thermal Cannons. After a single salvo of fire a whole battle group had been destroyed. Among the victims was the Imperator Titan Praeco Deictus.[1]