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Battle of Myrmidrax

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The Battle of Myrmidrax was a battle fought by the Crimson Slaughter against the forces of the Lord of Change Tzax’lan-tar in the Eye of Terror.[1]


Following the revelation that the Crimson Slaughter Sorcerer Mannon had been possessed by Tzax'lan-tar and had indeed been manipulating the entire Warband to unknown ends, Chaos Lord Kranon was furious. He vowed to track down the Lord of Change at any cost, even if it meant driving deep into the Eye of Terror. The search eventually drew him to the world of Myrmidrax. The plane of Myrmidrax was flat, with rocky spires jutting upwards. The ground had a purple hue to it and was dotted with clusters of crystalline growths that protruded outwards and gave off a bluish luminescence. The Crimson Slaughter formed up in a line and advanced across the barren land. It was not long, however, before their presence was detected.[1]

With flashes of multi-coloured fire and incomprehensible gibbering sounds, Daemons began to pour forth from out of the many tunnels that lined the rocky ridges. Striding in the midst of the cavorting Pink Horrors and blue-hued flame-creatures was Tzax’lan-tar. The Lord of Change sent a bolt of eldritch fire crashing into the Khorne Berzerkers to open hostilities. The Crimson Slaughter’s Land Raiders and Defilers returned fire, sending their shots into the prancing ranks of Daemons. Thus began the Battle of Myrmidrax. A high-pitched shrieking announced the arrival of Screamers, finned Daemons that streaked overhead. Where they saw an opening, they dove down, their lamprey-like mouths gnawing through power armour to tear the flesh beneath. Flamers bounded forward, blasting gouts of fire from their stump-like arms. This washed over the red-armoured renegades harmlessly, but the cultists were lit up like torches, their death cries adding to the cacophony.[1]

Conditions deteriorated as a Warp storm howled above. The skies flashed and from the unnatural gas clouds came spinning cyclones. These whirled haphazardly across the battlefield, tearing gaps through the warring forces. Through the madness waded Kranon, with Draznicht and his Ravagers by his side. Together they shredded Pink Horrors, fighting their way towards Tzax’lan-tar. Inexplicably, the Daemons’ attacks were proving ineffective. Kaleidoscopic flames spread over the renegades, yet they stepped forth unscathed. Never had the spectral hosts materialised in such numbers around the Crimson Slaughter, never had the incorporeal spirits shielded them so effectively. To slow their relentless advance, Tzax’lan-tar rained arcane doom upon his foes, yet the onslaught of the Crimson Slaughter was proving too much and defeat seemed only a matter of time. Seeking a last chance for victory, the winged Daemon targeted Kranon, drenching him with blue flame. Protected by the green-tinged spectres that hovered near him, the Crimson Slaughter’s warlord emerged from the fire, his blade at the ready. Screeching curses in a thousand languages, the Daemon vanished once again. Cheated of vengeance, Kranon did not leave until every Daemon was slain, sent howling back into the Warp. He vowed the Daemon Wars would continue until Tzax’lan-tar was slain.[1]