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Battle of Nebulon

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The Battle of Nebulon was a battle fought by the Crimson Sabres during their rampage across the Eye of Terror.[1]


The planet known as Nebulon was one of the outermost of the planets ringing the Eye of Terror, a world only occasionally veiled within that region. Onto that bleak orb swept the Crimson Sabres like avenging angels. Drop Pods sliced through the thick clouds, their screaming descent halting only at the last second. Retro-jets kicked up dust clouds that were suddenly illuminated with flashes as the Crimson Sabres burst forth, guns blazing. In a twisted land of derelict hives and the crashed remains of spacecraft, the red-armoured Space Marines hunted, gunning down any quarry they could find. They slew mutants and blasted down the wretched masses of outcasts that gathered in those destitute ruins. None could match the Crimson Sabres – none, that is, until the Black Skull renegades emerged out of the depths of the underhive.[1]

Pitting red against black, the power armoured foes hurled themselves upon each other. In battle prowess and gear of war they were equal – the finest of Mankind’s warriors. The Crimson Sabres were nigh on Chapter strength, but so too were the Black Skulls. However, only the core of their force were Space Marines, turncoats from many disparate Chapters united by their self-serving nature and the black markings which they had painted over their old heraldry. The remainder of their numbers were Cultists – cut-throat mobs, well armed and dangerous, but nothing near the elite and superbly armed Space Marines. Yet the biggest difference was that the Crimson Sabres fought as one – a coordinated effort, with squads supporting each other to maximum effect. A wall of bolter and heavy weapons fire met every Black Skulls charge, and when the wave of red armour arrived it broke the renegades. Black Skulls champions – defiant in their rage – were blasted down as they roared out challenges.[1]