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Battle of St. Harrod

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The Battle of St. Harrod was an attack on the Imperial Shrine World of St. Harrod by the Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines in 982.M41.[1]

The attack began when in the slums of St. Harrod, an enormous host of Crimson Slaughter Possessed spread great devastation. The Daemon Space Marines came from out of a dawn sky with no warning, great winged, rib-horned and tentacled monstrosities clad in crimson ceramite. The reshaped creatures proceeded to pillage the cities’ temples, committing acts of violence with lustful savagery. Members of the Ecclesiarchy were slaughtered in the cathedral-lined streets. Senior Ministorum Priests were impaled on sky-puncturing spires. Others simply fell to their knees and babbled litanies of faith; they were swiftly beheaded by monstrous claws, the expressions on their rolling heads forever agog at the horror before them. The horror of these events was accentuated by the tendrils of the Immaterium that leaked through in wake of the Crimson Slaughter’s attack; manifesting around the corpses of the slain and causing their blood to drip upwards like a red rain in reverse.[1]