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Battle of the Marble Garden

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The Battle of the Marble Garden took place in Hive Barbarossa between the 3rd Regiment of the Mordian Iron Guard and Ork forces under the banner of Waaagh! Dregurk.[1]

The Battle

In the view of great heroes and being surrounded by tinkling fountains, the Mordians made their stand on the imported Luptian bluegrass. The Mordians launched volley after volley of lasgun fire from their platoons, gunning down hundreds of orks every minute, but the orks still managed to outflank the Mordians and penetrate their lines with a vicious light vehicle assault.[1]

Thinking quickly, Colonel Grauer committed his reserves, a company of Hellhound flame tanks and a squadron of Leman Russ Exterminators. The Exterminators shredded the ork lines, each time taking a large swathe of the greenskins with them. The Hellhounds soon arrived and the orks' line broke even further, allowing the Mordians to counterattack.[1]

The Mordians marched forward, inflicting further casualties on the orks, until the greenskins were routed and retreated to the deepest reaches of the hive. To this day, the deeper levels are regularly swept by armed troops, to ensure that the orks never gain enough strength to muster again.[1]