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Battle of the Scorched System

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The Battle of the Scorched System was a battle fought by the White Scars during the Nova Terra Interregnum.

With the forces of the the Imperium depleted during the fighting of the Interregnum, it falls on the White Scars to lead the assault on the Ork-infested Dhanhabb System, also known as the Scorched System due to the unusual number of its suns. Across the deserts of the system’s vast planets – each one many dozens of times the size of Chogoris – the White Scars take full advantage of their exceptional mobility, leading the vastly superior foe in circles. Although the Battlewagon convoys and Speed Kults rival the White Scars in speed, they are easily led into ambushes, or tricked into expending their fuel and ammunition foolishly. The entire Chapter is deployed for a dozen years before the Orks are finally destroyed. The final battles – the Death Ride through the Valley of Gargants and the Slalom around the Rain of Roks – live on as tales that will be told and retold around the tribal fires of White Scars rituals for as long as there are warriors to tell them.[1]