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A Battlewagon is a common type of large Ork vehicle.

An Ork Battlewagon (4th Edition)


Designed to carry a whole fighting mob of Orks, plus any Gretchin, Snotlings, Squigs or shiny things that may belong to the mob, Battlewagons are typically large, heavy and noisy. Ownership of a Battlewagon marks an Ork out as particularly prestigious or 'flash'. A typical Battlewagon owner is most likely a Nob of some description, though various Oddboyz may have access to Battlewagons at certain times. Warbosses often mount themselves and their immediate retinue in Battlewagons when travelling to battle, and may have more than one if their retinue is of sufficient size.[Needs Citation]

Like all Ork vehicles, Battlewagons do not conform to a set standard, although the Mekboyz of the Ork clans do tend to lean towards building their Battlewagons based around an initial chassis design that is somehow known to them almost instinctively. Past this initial point however, Battlewagons will tend to look rather unique as various Meks and decoratively-minded owners get their hands and hammers on the vehicle. Most Battlewagons come with flagpoles bolted on somewhere so the owner can display his personal or clan banner in a prominent place, as well as thick armour plate in most locations - though many Battlewagons are open-topped.[Needs Citation]

A Kannon, Zzap Gun, Lobba, or a Lifta-Droppa along with an array of Big Shootas and Rokkit launchas are popular weapons choices for a Battlewagon.[2] They are not particularly fast and so not all that popular with Mekboyz, who prefer their own rides to be significantly more speedy, not to mention kustomized. The chief advantages of Battlewagons is that they are sturdy and well-armoured, offering the passengers good protection (until they stick their heads out from behind the armour plate to see what's going on) and can transport a large number of Orks and their equipment directly into battle.[1]

Technical Information

Technical Information[5]
Length 15.3m
Height 5.2m
Width 8m
Estimated Weight 160 tonnes
Barrel Length 2.25m
Armour 20-100mm
Estimated Max Speed 60 kph on road, 45 kph off road
Crew Vary, may have, for example, 1 driver, 3 gunners, 1 loader
Armament Vary widely.
Main Ammunition Estimated 30 rounds for main weapon. Varies by design

Known Named Battlewagons