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Bellathonis is a master Haemonculus who has studied the ancient arts of Vlokarion and in the the Black Descent[2], and is among the most capable Haemonculi at resurrecting individuals who have long since died.

Bellathonis worked with Nyos Yllithian of the Kabal of the White Flames to resurrect El'uriaq in order to usurp Asdrubael Vect as supreme overlord of Commorragh. It was Bellathonis who conducted the resurrection, using the tortured screams of a pure Exodite Worldsinger to draw his lingering spirit from Shaa-Dom. However the increasingly unstable El'Uriaq would destroy the body of Bellathonis for a small slight, forcing the Master Haemonculus to spend weeks in a regeneration chamber attended by his Wracks. When Bellathonis emerged partially healed, it was to warn Yllithian he speculated that when El'Uriaq was reborn, a Daemon came back with him and had since assumed control over the Tyrant's body.[1b]

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