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Imperial Guard (Novel Series)

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The Imperial Guard novels are a number of self-contained Black Library novels about the Imperial Guard, the primary fighting force of the Imperium of Man. The novels are written by different authors, featuring iconic Imperial Guard regiments in various scenarios.

Novels in the series

Omnibus volumes

Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume One

The Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume One contains the first three novels of the series, Fifteen Hours, Death World and Rebel Winter, each with its own associated short story: Knee Deep by Mitchell Scanlon, Better the Devil by Steve Lyons, and The Citadel by Steve Parker.

Hammer of the Emperor

Hammer of the Emperor is the second omnibus volume and contains the novels Gunheads , Ice Guard and Desert Raiders, each accompanied by a short story; Mercy Run, A Blind Eye, both by Steve Parker, and Waiting Death by Steve Lyons.

Honour Imperialis

Honour Imperialis is the third omnibus volume and contains the novels Cadian Blood , Redemption Corps and Dead Men Walking, and the short stories Regicide by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Down Amongst the Dead Men by Steve Lyons, Hunted by Braden Campbell, and The Mouth of Chaos by Chris Dows.

Short Story Summaries

Knee Deep

Better the Devil

17-year-old Lorenzo made the mistake of insisting that he was ready to join the Jungle Fighters - and for that he wakes up from a drugged sleep, bound hand and foot in a Catachan Devil's lair. Now he must use all of his survival instincts, including a few he never knew he had, to not only survive, but win.

The Citadel

In the aftermath of the events of Rebel Winter, Vostroyan General Vogor Vlastan presides over the funeral of his subordinate and erstwhile friend, Colonel Maksim Kabanov, and recalls the campaign where they first met.

Mercy Run

A Blind Eye

Waiting Death


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