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Bikes are fast-moving ground vehicles capable of carrying up to one rider and usually mounting a light weapon. Bikes are used by the Imperiums, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, Orks and Squats, among others, often for reconnaissance and rapid support roles. Other species, such as the Kroot, Exodite Eldar, and Feral Orks, do not possess the technology needed for such vehicles, and usually employ living animals as mounts instead.[Needs Citation]

Known Variants

Space Marine Bikes

Main article: Space Marine Bike

Most Space Marine bikes are armed with twin-linked bolters mounted between the handle-bars.[1] Chaos Space Marine bikes are of a nearly identical design, although the riders often carry Close Combat Weapons to slaughter their enemies in passing.[2]

Imperial Guard

Main article: Rough Rider

Certain Rough Rider units of the Imperial Guard use mechanical bikes as mounts; although much less robust and heavily armed than their Space Marine counterparts, these bikes are used in very similar roles.[Needs Citation]

Ork Warbikes

Main article: Warbike

Ork Warbikes are ramshackle machines but are sturdy enough to fulfil the Ork desire to go fast. They are often painted red for extra speed and are deadly in combat.[3]

Squat Bikes

Main article: Squat Bike

Squat bikes are sturdy and designed to move Squat warriors rapidly around the battlefield where they can engage in combat with various deadly combat weapons.[4]


Main article: Jetbike

Jetbikes utilize rare anti-gravity technology that allow them to hover off the ground. They are commonly used by the Eldar (Craftworld and Dark Eldar alike), while the necessary technology has been lost to the Imperium, leaving only one functioning Imperial Jetbike in service, ridden by Sammael of the Dark Angels Space Marines Chapter.


The Tau and Necrons do not use bikes, although they do employ special vehicles (Tetras and Destroyers, respectively), in similar battlefield roles.

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