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Biomancy is a Psychic Discipline known to psykers who specialise in the use of manipulating biological energy and processes. Through this art, biomancers are capable of changing or influencing a change in the physical form of either themselves or their enemies. Practitioners are of Biomancy are known as Biomancers[2]


  • Blood Boil: by reaching into an enemy's body with their mind, a psyker can rapidly accelerate their pulse and blood pressure to lethal levels with the end result being the victim's heart and brain exploding.
  • Choke: through a simple gesture a psyker reach out with their abilities and close tight the windpipe of their intended victim thus choking them of their breath.
  • Enfeeble: a biomancer can drain the vigour of their enemy thus making them feel weak and incapable of acting.
  • Endurance: Reaching into the essence of his allies, the biomancer knits together bones, heals flesh, and banishes fatigue.[2]
  • Haemorrhage: Focusing his mind, the psyker reaches forth and sets the inside of his enemy aflame. Within moments, the victim's blood boils and he bursts into flames.[2]
  • Hammerhand: through this power, a user can harden the flesh and skin of their first thus hardening tendons and strengthening the muscles of the arm which enhances their physical strength.
  • Iron Arm: By transmuting his flesh into living metal, the biomancer, can wade through enemy fire unscathed and pulp skulls with iron fists.[2]
  • Life Leech: The Psyker rips the life force from his enemy, harnessing the stolen essence for himself.[2]
  • Regenerate: a psyker with the appropriate knowledge can reach into the very cells of their target and begin knitting together flesh and bind the wounds through their mental abilities alone.
  • Smite: Lethal bolts of bio-lightning leap from the Psyker's fingertips, ripping their foes apart.[2]
  • Storm of Lightning : this psychic bolt of bio-electrical energy can leap from a biomancers fingertips which can jump from victim to victim.
  • Warp Speed: The powers of the Immaterium flow through the Psyker, heightening his speed to supernatural levels and allowing him to run at a speed where he appears at a mere blur.[2]
  • Warp Strength: a psyker can invigorate a target with psychic energy by channeling the power of the Warp through their muscles, tendons and even bones which enhances their strength to remarkable levels.[1]