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Bion Henricos

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Bion Henricos was a member of the Iron Hands during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. A Sergeant of the 10th Company, Henricos was a dour and grim individual who disdained weakness. This came to the forefront during the Conquest of One-Five-Four Four where in a battle with Eldar, Henricos pushed his forces too far and Imperial Army troops were often left behind to the elements.[1] Later Henricos survived the Drop Site Massacre and journeyed with Salamanders captain Xa'ven off of Isstvan V on a captured Sons of Horus vessel Grey Talon. He encountered White Scars Stormseer Targutai Yesugei and helped him reunite with his Primarch, Jaghatai Khan.[2]

Henricos continued to fly the Grey Talon under a loyalist banner, waging the Shadow Wars alongside other members of the Shattered Legions and Hibou Khan,[3] until he was killed by Horus Aximand during the Battle of Dwell.[4]