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Black Crusade of Von Mallas

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The Black Crusade of Von Mallas was a Chaos Black Crusade fought between 113.M38 and 955.M39 in Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Pacificus. Launched by the heretic Chaos Lord known as Von Mallas. His Cults took advantage of local discontent against Imperial authorities due to the massive military expenditures demanded by Segmentum Command to spark major revolts and uprisings. The Imperium brutally puts down the uprisings, but Von Mallas' own Crusade manages to cause chaos throughout the region. The heretic's creed eventually found its way to the important Orpheus Sector, resulting in major revolts on Colkasth and Epirus. Though the rebels are eventually subjugated, they reduce the Agri-world of Epirus to a wasteland, causing famine throughout the sector.[1]