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Brother Vigilant

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Brother Vigilant

Brother Vigilant is a Black Shield Deathwatch Chaplain, serving in the Jericho Reach.[1]


The Deathwatch member who would become known as Brother Vigilant, arrived at Watch Fortress Erioch, in the badly damaged Inquisitorial courier vessel of Inquisitor Arryn Cerano; a member of the Ordo Xenos who had departed only a month before on some, unknown mission. Cerano was nowhere to be found, and most of the crew of the courier died from void exposure or radiation sickness within the following week. Inside the hold of the vessel was a stasis-crypt, active and containing a single Space Marine in a sus-an membrane coma, clad in battle-scarred black warplate and clutching a Crozius Arcanum. He was rushed to Erioch’s Apothecarion to be awoken from his comatose state and upon his awakening, Watch Commander Mordigael gathered the Chamber of Vigilance at the newcomer’s urgent request. Three days passed, as he explained himself and put his fate at the mercy of the Master of the Vigil. Whatever was said is sealed by agreement of the Master of the Vigil and the Inquisitor of the Chamber, never to be spoken of again, and the Space Marine was granted leave to swear the Apocryphon Oath. He then began a Vigil without end and took the name Brother Vigilant in place of his own.[1]