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Butcher's Nails

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2drones.gif This article is about the surgical procedure; for the Audio Drama, see Butcher's Nails (Audio Book).

The Butcher's Nails were a form of psycho-surgery conducted on the world of Nuceria, the adopted homeworld of Angron. Bearing resemblance to a lobotomy, two nails were inserted through the skull and into the brain to amplify the anger and rage of the subject. The surgery was reserved for the slave-gladiators of Nuceria, amplifying their fierceness for the amusement of the masters of the planet. Angron was subject to the surgery, and later went on to repeat the procedure on his World Eaters.[1] The Butcher's Nails that were implanted in the warriors of the World Eaters were primitive copies of the the originals implanted into Angron, although lacking in the fatal, degenerative effects of the originals.[3]

A form of Archaeotech, despite their brutal use the Butcher's Nails were surprisingly complex and sophisticated. None of the Emperor's best Tech-Priests could remove the devices without killing Angron in the process, nor could they halt their slow destruction of the Primarch's brain.[3]

At some point following the rediscovery of Angron, Arkhan Land was brought to a secret laboratory hidden in a dormant volcano in a tundra location on Terra to aid in the Emperor's investigation of Angron's crude augmetics as the Primarch lay unconscious. Land had previous experience with the device taking over Angron's body, having seen it when investigating the Hexarchion Vaults before he ordered them sealed due to the threat the items within presented to the Machine Cult. He told the Emperor that it was called a cruciamen, but the versions he saw were more crude. The Emperor explained that the implants were not His doing and that He believed they led to the Angron's instability. He also explained that they were recreated to remove the ability to enjoy anything but anger. When asked if the Emperor could remove it, He admitted He could, but the tendrils were deep in Angron's head and spine and he was missing his limbic lobe and insular cortex. The Butcher's Nails therefore replaced part of Angron's brain, allowing him to live.[4]

"Butcher's Nails" was also an expression used among the gladiators of Nuceria for when, armed with no weapon except their bare hands, they would attack by stabbing their fingers at a victim's vulnerable points, such as the eyes or the meat of the throat.[2]

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