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Cabulis System

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The Cabulis System is a binary system located in Vorsk Sector within Segmentum Pacificus. It is a major munitions production and testing system, and it pays its tithes in munitions. Currently, it is under attack by Waaagh! Gragnatz.

The Cabulis System[1]

The capital planet in the system is Crux.

The Cabulis System is consisted of 5 planets and 2 stars(due to it being a binary system):[1]

  • Cabulis namesake of the system. Although it is the main star of the Cabulis System, it is currently dying.
  • Celestra - The twin partner in this binary system. It is a parasitic star and is the reason for why Cabulis is dying.
  • Crux - Captial of the Cabulis System.
  • Gloriam - Munitions testing ground.
  • Temperis - Hive World.
  • Boonhaven - Agri world.
  • Emele - Maiden World.