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Caius Vorens

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Caius Vorens was Captain of the Imperial Fists Sixth Company. He spent some time seconded to the Deathwatch, leading Kill Team Vorens, but it is unknown if he returned to his Chapter of origin.[1]

Vorens led his Kill-Team in defending Platform Epsilon 9-17 on the planet Theron alongside a Skyclaw Assault Pack of the Space Wolves called the Flame Hunters.[1]

He would later intervene in a duel between the pack leader of the Flame Hunters, Svenbald and Drenn Redblade, by fighting Drenn instead. The terms of the duel were also changed so that, if Drenn lost, he would join the Deathwatch to replace the loss of Kamron (a member of Kill Team Vorens who fell against the Orks on Platform Epsilon 9-17). He was able to defeat Drenn, but also recognized the potential in the young Space Wolf, awarding him with the relic Bolter Xenobane.[1]

Known members of Kill Team Vorens included Kamron and Koenen Siegfric.[1]