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Francesi Castigon

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Francesi Castigon[1b] was the Captain of the Blood Angels 4th Company and held the title of Lord Adjudicator[1a]. During his service to the Chapter, he led a strike force against the Dark Eldar that had invaded the Imperium world Tolos. However after seeing the horrific butchery inflicted by the cruel Xenos upon the world's population, the strike force lose their grip upon their inner fury. They soon find themselves in the grip of the Red Thirst and the resulting carnage they unleash, completely destroy the invading Dark Eldar. In the aftermath of the battle though, Castigon and the strike force face shameful censure, as the Chapter decides that a victory won in the grip of the Flaw is no victory at all[2]. The Captain later aided in defending Baal, when it was invaded by Hive Fleet Leviathan, but died in the battle with the Tyranids.[3]

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