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Catachan Devil

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2drones.gif This article is about the Catachan predator, for the regiment of the Imperial Guard see Catachan 2nd Jungle Fighters Regiment
Catachan Devil (Rogue Trader)[3]
Catachan Devil

The Catachan Devil is a creature native to the Death World Catachan, but has been introduced into several other worlds. Devils are scorpion-like in appearance, with a series of segmented body sections carrying pairs of legs and a terminus in a long tail with a poisonous barb, which curves forward over the creature's back. As Catachan Devils grow, they develop more and more mid-sections and pairs of legs. A fully grown adult can have up to thirty sets of legs, and can reach up to thirty meters in length.[1]

The front legs of older male Devils become grossly enlarged, resembling scorpion claws. These mighty beasts are often dubbed 'Fiddlers' in Catachan slang, and are quite rightly feared for their ferocity and raw power. The head of Catachan Devil is small and pointed with green luminous eyes.[3]

They are able to move with surprising speed for something of their size, being superbly adapted to move across a large variety of terrain. Once capturing a victim, the Devil will shred it with razor claws or, alternatively, will sting into insensibility with short tentacles, located around its maw. The mouth itself is extendable and consist not teeth but a bony hooks, lining around it and tearing apart the meat of prey. The victim will then be consumed.[3]

Catachan Devils are territorial, yet quite sociable creatures, tending to form into nesting groups. These groups often contain several large Devils, as well as a few dozen or so of 'Devilspawn' (younger Devils). The entire nest will come together to defend their territory from any intruders, be it rival Devils, colonists, or other predators, and they have even been known to attack Imperial Guard Tank Companies.[2]

It is also rumoured that Devils are the descendants of a long-lost Tyranid Vanguard organism that has effectively become feral.[Needs Citation]

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