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Knight World

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Knight Worlds are technologically-advanced feudal worlds, ruled by an aristocratic elite of noble families known as Knight Houses.

Knight Worlds across the Galaxy

Knight worlds were founded during the ascendency of mankind in the Dark Age of Technology, when humanity first began to spread out from Terra and the Sol System. The initial impetus to settle these worlds was based on the burgeoning race's need for raw materials, be it fertile worlds for agriculture or mineral-rich worlds for mining.[1a]

The Long March fleets despatched from Terra contained massive colony ships each filled with thousands of settlers; these ships would then be deconstructed upon landing to provide the initial materials for settlement. In addition to the colony ships, the fleets included advanced Knight suits and their pilots. These Knights were often the difference between a colony thriving or foundering, and their pilots commanded enough power to be considered their worlds' de facto rulers.[1b]

During the Age of Strife, these worlds were cut off from the rest of the realm of man by warp storms, but were often well-placed to avoid the conflict of that age due to their martial traditions and conservative outlook. During this long isolation, the Knight worlds tended towards feudalism, with a hierarchy of nobility controlling both the Knight suits and the worlds themselves.[1c]

The Knight worlds were welcomed back into the Imperium during the Great Crusade, after the rogue trader Jeffers rediscovered Chrysis within the Segmentum Solar. Since then, both the High Lords of Terra and the Adeptus Mechanicus have come to court the power and technology present on these worlds, and the allegiance of subsequently re-claimed Knight worlds has been split between Terra and Mars.[1d]

Some Knight Worlds, such as those belonging to House Taranis, will submit a tribute of its citizens to be converted into Mechanicum Skitarii Overseers. These "raw materials", often of excellent genetic stock, are referred to as Psychosis-Neuracanium.[2]

Notable Knight Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Knight House Affiliation Population Notes
Alaric Prime Ultima Segmentum Unknown Imperium Unknown
Argentor[1e] Segmentum Obscurus Unknown Imperium Unknown
Atar-Plainitia Unknown House Col'khak Imperium Unknown
Aurous IV Unknown House Vulker Imperium Unknown
Avalane VI Unknown House Khord Imperium Unknown Also - Jungle World
Avarris Ultima Segmentum (Eastern Fringe) Unknown Imperium Unknown Also - Tomb World
Baroda Segmentum Obscurus House Makabius Unknown, presumably - Chaos Unknown Was pledged to Horus during the Horus Heresy
Chrysis Segmentum Solar House Krast Imperium Unknown
Damaetus III/II Unknown House Vyronii Imperium Unknown
Death's Welcome Unknown Multiple Imperium Unknown
Dragon's End Ultima Segmentum House Griffith Imperium Unknown
Dutonis Segmentum Obscurus House Navaros/House Borgius Imperium Unknown Also - Mining World. Two of the above Houses are rivals to each other.
Higroxias Unknown Unknown Imperium Unknown
Karastus Unknown House Curtana Imperium Unknown
Kolossi Ultima Segmentum Unknown Imperium Unknown
Kragh Unknown Unknown Imperium Unknown
Krastellan Ultima House Hawkshroud Imperium Unknown Also - Feudal World
Lyxos Ultima Segmentum Unknown Imperium Unknown
Mancora Ultima Segmentum House Trainor Imperium Unknown Also - Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Howling Griffons), Feudal World
Molech Segmentum Solar House Devine Imperium Unknown Also - Fortress World
Orestes Segmentum Pacificus Unknown Imperium Unknown Also - Forge World
Patronis (former) Unknown Unknown Imperium Unknown Current status unknown
Raisa Segmentum Tempestus House Cadmus Imperium Unknown
Rapture (former) Segmentum Tempestus House Aramos Imperium Unknown Now - Dead World, also former Paradise World
Silverdawn Ultima Segmentum Unknown Imperium Unknown
Solitude Ultima Segmentum Unknown Imperium Unknown
Stryken Primus Segmentum Obscurus Unknown Imperium Unknown Also - Forge World
Stygia (former) Unknown Unknown Imperium 1 Now - Dead World
Tarnis (former) Unknown House Drakkus Imperium Unknown Now - War World and Industrial World
Tintaroth Unknown
(Calaphrax Cluster)
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Voltoris Ultima Segmentum House Terryn Imperium Unknown
Vorinth (former) Ultima Segmentum House Illius and House Nero Imperium Unknown Current status unknown


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