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The Celestion was an Imperial Navy ship of unknown class that disappeared during a mission to rendezvous with Battle Group Theta in the Kreel Nebula and participate in the Eusibius offensive. It was declared Missing in Action on 0878666.M41. The Celestion's commander was Archaes Hestrobaum (a veteran of the Segmentum Tempestus Karsh campaign), and its maiden flight took place on 07546666.M40.


On 234170.M41, the Explorator vessel Ceaseless (while en route on a mission to explore and colonise Epsilon-13) picked up a distress signal in warpspace and traced it back to the Celestion. The ship's commander, Captain Sven Huntersun, ordered a select party to board and explore the unresponsive vessel.

Inside the Celestion, half-eaten meals lay abandoned. Their commander's log broke off mid-sentence; the date read 1770666.M41. The boarding party found no remains of the Celestion's crew and described the interior "as if they'd [the Celistion's crew] seen us coming and just... just disappeared."