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The Cholerclaust was a massive Blood Crusade following in the wake of the warped Keeler Comet from the Eye of Terror and on a course for Terra itself, led by a Daemon Prince known only as 'The Pilgrim'.


The Cholerclaust was stopped on the small Cemetery World Certus-Minor, the resting place of Ecclesiarch and High Lord of Terra Umberto II. After initial success with overwhelming numbers of cultists, renegade Space Marines and Daemons, against the half-strength Fifth Company of the Excoriators Chapter, under the leadership of Zachariah Kersh, a small unit of Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the August Vigil, and militia units, the Blood Crusade was stopped and then completely annihilated by the sudden appearance of the Legion of the Damned who also destroyed the Keeler Comet as well as the entire crusade fleet.[1]


The defeat of the Cholerclaust is hailed as a miracle of the God-Emperor by many.