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Chyron is a Deathwatch Dreadnought belonging to Kill-team Talon.


A member of the Lamenters Chapter, and a Dreadnought. Chyron did not possess a nickname, but something he did have was a tremendously foul temper. Assigned to the Deathwatch before the loss of contact with the Lamenters after they encountered a Tyranid Hive Fleet, Chyron considered himself the last of the Lamenters. Due to the fate of his Chapter, his attachment to Talon was considered permanent. When Chyron objected to an order from Sigma to keep a Tyranid life-form Talon had encountered alive, Sigma threatened the Dreadnought from expulsion from the Deathwatch, and since he had no Chapter to return to, Sigma comented that Chyron would be given to nothingness. Sigma believed such a threat would work as the Deathwatch was all Chyron had left, but he underestimated the Dreadnought's sense of loss and rage and his need to seek vengeance for his lost brothers, which was what really kept him going. Despite his disagreeable personality and Dreadnought nature oft proving a hinderance and an irritation to the rest of the squad, Talon as a group refused to abandon him during the mission to Menatar, when Chyron chose to disobey the order to keep the aforementioned Tyranid life-form alive.[1][2]