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Clan Raukaan

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Symbol of Clan Raukaan
The forces of Clan Raukaan[1]
2drones.gif This article is about the Iron Hands Clan Company; for the Codex, see Clan Raukaan - A Codex: Space Marines Supplement

Clan Raukaan are one of the Clan Companies of the Iron Hands. The Clan itself suffered heavy losses after the Skarvus Ambush and were subsequently led by Iron Father Kristos until the Gaudinian Heresy, when Kristos became corrupted by Slaanesh.[3b] Arven Rauth assumed control of the Clan in the aftermath of the Gaudinian Heresy, and he led Raukaan in the Purging of Contqual against the forces of Chaos in 812.M41.[1] Later, they took part in the Battle of Medusa during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[2]

Marines of the Clan are known to speak in a Medusan dialect known as Tergiza.[1]

Notable Formations

  • Tactical Squad Riis (2nd Squad) - Has earned a reputation for fighting at the forefront of battle and even exceeding some of the Chapter's Assault Squads in attack fervor. They consider themselves devotees of Kardan Stronos.[3a]
  • Tactial Squad Kalag (5th Squad) - Notorious for their methodical efficiency. It is claimed that the Battle-Brothers of Kalag never waste a single shot due to their exceptional fire control subroutines. The squad is known for its extensive bionics and refusal to take a single step backwards.[3a]
  • Assault Squad Neim (7th Squad) - Expert in supporting the Clan's armored offensives. Whenever the Clan's tanks and Dreadnoughts are deployed en mass, the Battle-Brothers of Neim go with them. They can spot a breakthrough the moment it occurs and can read the intention of a tank's Machine Spirit through subtle nuances of code-bleed and weapons orientation. They are experts of timing their counter-attacks and flanking enemy vehicles to attack their rear. At the battle of Broken Hopes, Squad Neim even formed an informal honour guard for Venerable Dreadnought Furnous. Several Battle-brothers gave their lives to protect the mighty Dreadnought before the fighting was done, and were honoured with interment into Dreadnought sarcophagi of their own after the war’s end.[3a]
  • Devastator Squad Selox (9th Squad) - Referred to as Ferrus' Vengeance. They are known for their ability to hold a grudge. They always seize an opportunity to avenge an old slight when on campaign.[3a]

Known Members