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Clint Langley

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Clint Langley is an artist working for Games Workshop.


His bio on the Black Library website states:

"Clint Langley is a very exciting and talented artist from smoky London. His work for the Black Library has been prolific and in many cases absolutely stunning. His novel covers include The Laughter of Dark Gods, Angels of Darkness and the fantastic re-issues of the Inquisition Wars trilogy, to name but a few. "[1]


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Single Novels

Single Novels
Daemon World (Novel) (2008 edition).

Ciaphas Cain (Novel Series)

First Trilogy
Second Trilogy
Third Trilogy
[[Image Needed|center|thumb|250px|Old Soldiers Never Die (Novella)]]

Dark Heresy (Novel Series)

Dark Heresy (Novel Series)

Inquisition War (Novel Series)

Necromunda (Novel Series)

Single Novels

Rogue Trader (Novel Series)

Shira Calpurnia (Novel Series)



Omnibus Editions

Ciaphas Cain (Novel Series)
Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series)
Hammer and Bolter

Audio Books


Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons Marine by Clint Langley.JPG
1KSons Dreadnought.jpg
1KSons Sorcerer.jpg
Lord of Change by Clint Langley.jpg
Chaos Space Marines
Clint Langley Defiler.jpg
Clint Langley Vomit Tongues Land Raider.jpg
Clint Langley The Great Unclean One.jpg
Clint Langley Chaos Space Marines.jpg
Clint Langley Plague Marines.jpg
Clint Langley Nurgle Dreadnought.jpg
Clint Langley Chaos Havocs.jpg
Clint Langley Paralyser.jpg
Clint Langley Pathos.jpg
Clint Langley Spocket's Stompa.jpg
Clint Langley Azgar's Damagers.jpg
Clint Langley Gretchin.jpg
Clint Langley Spocket.jpg
Clint Langley Spocket's Starshoota.jpg
Clint Langley Spikeblade.jpg
Clint Langley Red Skull.jpg
Clint Langley Landa.jpg
Clint Langley Spocket's Sentry.jpg
Clint Langley Brain Busta's Crashers.jpg
Clint Langley Spocket's Skarboyz.jpg
Clint Langley Green Death.jpg
Clint Langley Spocket's Kommandos.jpg
Clint Langley Sproket's Retread's.jpg
Clint Langley Azgar Brain Busta.jpg
Clint Langley Kurguz's Bikers.jpg
Clint Langley Kurguz the Marauder's Waaagh!.jpg
Clint Langley Blood Rippa's Gargant.jpg
Clint Langley Start the Waaagh!.jpg
Clint Langley Blood Rippa's Trukk Boyz.jpg
Clint Langley Agor the Mad.jpg
Clint Langley Blood Rippers Dakka Boys.jpg

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