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Conquest of Uttu Prime

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The Conquest of Uttu Prime was a campaign by the Necron Overlord Zahndrekh against the Imperial world of Uttu Prime.[1]


Nemesor Zahndrekh gave the defenders of Uttu Prime one solar month to withdraw, as was required by the codes of battle. However not surprisingly, the humans refused the offer and instead reinforced the world with four regiments of Catachan Jungle Fighters of the Imperial Guard as well as three companies of Imperial Fists Space Marines. Despite the imposing defenses, Zahndrekh confidently launched his attack on Uttu Prime once the deadline has passed.[1]

Initially outlying the worlds outlying cities, Zahndrekh focused his assault on the planetary capital of Ford Anan, bombarding it with a dozen squadrons of Doom Scythe fighters. Despite taking heavy aerial losses to Imperial Hydra anti-aircraft artillery, Zahndrekh launched a second wave of Night Scythes which sewed panic among the Imperial defenders. It is then when the Imperial Fists Space Marines made their presence known, deploying Thunderhawk Gunships which blasted apart legions of Necron Warriors. It was then that Zahndrekh deployed his secret weapon: the Megalith.[1]

The Megalith was no ordinary war engine, but a vast floating fortress which deployed smaller Monoliths from its hull. Delivering punishing volleys of fire and moving close to the Imperial Fists lines, the Megalith and Monolith escorts teleported in waves of Doomsday Arks, Immortals, as well as Zahndrekh and his personal guards. The Imperial Fists, Catachans, and remaining Planetary Defense Forces were overwhelmned and Fort Anan fell. The rest of Uttu Prime would soon follow and yet another world was added to Zahndrekh and the territory of Gidrim.[1]