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Corien Sumatris

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Corien Sumatris was Captain of the Astral Claws 2nd Company during the Badab War.


Corien Sumatris's origins are mysterious. He is believed by some to have once been a member of the Tiger Claws Chapter given a new identity as an Astral Claw. He first came to prominence during the Crusade of Wrath as one of Chapter Master Lufgt Huron's honour guard. His exploits include slaying the Chaos Reaver lord Scora Pleasuremaw in hand-to-hand combat during a boarding action off Draka, and participating in the bloody assault on the realm of the Flesh-Haunters of the Howling Gyre.[1]

Sumatris was rewarded for his efforts by a swift rise up through the ranks of the Astral Claws, becoming Captain of the 2nd Company, Warden of Piraeus, and the Tyrant's Champion. The latter title was attained through the slaying of the Astral Claw's 1st Company Captain in ritual combat.[1]

As one of Lufgt Huron's most trusted lieutenants, Sumatris was often placed in positions of command. Huron trusted his Champion to achieve his goals whatever the cost. Such was Huron's faith in Sumatris that he placed him in charge of the star fortress Sentinel-Sigma, which controlled the 'Ring of Steel' orbital defences in the Badab system. This trust eventually proved misplaced as Sentinel-Sigma was captured intact by loyalist forces during the Fall of Badab, allowing them to shut down the entire Ring of Steel. Sumatris is believed to have been killed in the assault, although his body was never recovered.[1][2]

Weapons and Abilities

Sumatris was a champion swordsman, and carried a master-crafted power sword named Goldenfang into battle. He was also equipped with a Spectre Pattern Bolter attached to a servo-frame and fired via mind-impulse link. This was designed for Sumatris by the Astral Claws Master of the Forge Armenneus Valthex to leave his hands free to wield Goldenfang and a storm shield.[1]