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Crull (Flesh Tearers)

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Crull is a Flesh Tearers member of the Deathwatch, who serves as a Sergeant in Watch Fortress Talasa Prime's, Watch Company Quartus[1] and whose hatred for Xenos is well known. In fact, it was this hatred and desire to see all Xenos species expunged from the galaxy, in order to ensure Mankind's total supremacy, that was a major factor in his induction into the Deathwatch. So great are Crull's abilities in killing Xenos, that even some Monodominant Ordo Xenos Inquisitors are willing to overlook the Flesh Tearers' suspected use of alien technology; in order to secure his Kill-Team's aid, for their missions[2b]. Crull and his Kill-Team, are currently serving as part of the Deathwatch strike force led by Captain Artemis and are aiding him, in fighting the Eldar Harlequin forces led by Farseer Eldrad Ulthran; on the moon of Port Demesnus.[2a]