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Custodes Vexilla

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Custodes Vexilla

Custodes Vexillas are massive eagle-winged battle standards, that are carried into battle by the Adeptus Custodes. When one was seen during the invasion of Prospero, it acted as a golden beacon of truth and light for the Imperium's forces in that dark time. Those who saw the Custodes Vexilla's Aquila, rising high above the carnage of battle with the Thousand Sons Legion, found steel in their souls and were inspired to do deeds of great heroism.[1] More than just standards to inspire adulation or terror, their inbuilt technologies provide invaluable battlefield support to the Custodians fighting in their shadow beaming a constantly cycling set of data-ident codes that convey strategic information with allied Imperial forces, and aid in tactical coordination.[2]

The Vexillas of the Praetors come in several patterns. These include the Vexilla Magnifica, which offers the Custodes greater protection against ranged attacks, the Vexilla Imperius, which increases the damage the Custodes' weapons deal in battle, and the Vexilla Defensor, which offers some protection to their Imperium allies against ranged attacks.[3] In addition to these technological marvels, all vexillas incorporate empyrically hardened teleport homers. These are most commonly used by the Adeptus Custodes to call in sudden strikes by fresh waves of Custodians and vehicles.[2]

Known Vexillas


Custodian miniature with a Custodes Vexilla

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