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Cypher - Fallen Dark Angel.[2]
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"I know not whether Cypher is the greatest threat, or the greatest hope for the Imperium. I only pray we can stop him before we find out."

Cypher is a mysterious figure associated with the Dark Angels. Taking a pre-heresy title of office in The Order, his role was that of keeper of secrets and traditions. The current Cypher is said to be one of The Fallen.



This page contains spoilers for: Malediction (Audio Book)

At the end of the Horus Heresy, Lion El'Jonson returned to Caliban to find Luther turned to the forces of Chaos. El'Jonson landed and took up the fight against Luther while the Dark Angels fleet bombarded the planet from above. When Luther defeated El'Jonson, he realised his mistakes and collapsed, unwilling to fight any more. The Chaos Gods realised their chosen had failed and sent a vast Warp Storm to suck up the traitor Dark Angels and spread them across time and space.

Cypher was one of these Fallen Angels, but no one actually knows his true name. Two members of The Order, Sar Daviel and Master Remial, claimed that he was a survivor of the Knight of Lupus and joined The Order under a false name after Lion El'Jonson destroyed them[1]. He appears randomly throughout the galaxy, but is rumoured to be slowly moving towards Terra. He is famous for his pistol abilities, being able to fire precisely with every shot, even when using two weapons, no matter the chaos of the battle around him. His characteristic combination of Bolt Pistol and Plasma Pistol are known throughout the galaxy as rumours fill every Segmentum of the presence of a white-robed man in power armour.

Cypher was present at the final battle of the liberation of Amadis, rallying the overwhelmed defenders in the face of Chaos cultist artillery and human wave assaults. Regan Antigone, the only trooper of the Procell 1st Irregulars who survived, swore an oath to Cypher not to reveal his presence, taking the credit for Cypher's actions. Decades later, 6th Company Master Tigrane learned the truth from now-Colonel Antigone at a social function. Master Tigrane declared Colonel Antigone a traitor for associating with Cypher and summarily executed him[4].


He wears robes over his Power Armour in an attempt to hide himself, but this look has made him obvious. Perhaps this was the point, but he does seem to attract other members of the Fallen Angels to his side. It is unknown how they communicate and why they are drawn to him.

The final distinguishing feature of Cypher is his sword. It is a mysterious weapon that he has never been seen to draw on the battlefield, though rumours surround it: it is an artefact of the Dark Angels; it is the Lion Sword; it is broken; Cypher seeks to reforge it and present it to the Emperor of Mankind, obtaining absolution and forgiveness.

One source, named the Heresy of Cognitive Dissonance by Cardinal Elyass Vallkante, mentions some form of knife used possibly by Cypher. It is said he struck a being of golden light, which absorbed his weapon. The conclusion of the battle is unknown as a shroud prevented the spectator from seeing the outcome.

Possible Aliases


Cypher - Fallen Dark Angel.



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