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Daemonbane War

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The Daemonbane War took place in 853.M41 on the planet Yaogeddon, between hordes of daemons and the Great Company of Space Wolf Sven Bloodhowl. They were locked in combat with the daemons at the very heart of the planet, when a ploy by Radical Inquisitor Lord Querrian turned the daemons (allied to both Khorne and Slaanesh) against each other. The internecine fighting became so vicious that Sven was able to withdraw his men and wait to mop up the dregs of the horde.[1]

In the aftermath of the War, senior agents of the Ordo Malleus condemned Querrian for heresy, but Sven leaped to the Inquisitor's defence, holding off the Ordo's forces long enough to let Querrian escape.[1]