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Deathwatch: The Walker in Fire (Short Story)

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Deathwatch: The Walker in Fire
The Walker in Fire cover.jpg
Cover art
Publisher Black Library
Preceded by Deathwatch: The Silence
Followed by Deathwatch: The Known Unknown
Released February 2016

Deathwatch: The Walker in Fire is a short story by Peter Fehervari. It was published online in February 2016.

Cover Description

The hive world of Sarastus harbours many secrets, and now many fugitives from the Imperium as well – a rogue Adeptus Mechanicus priest has absconded with several xenos biologis samples, prompting the Inquisition to order an intervention by the Deathwatch. The Salamanders Firedrake Garran Branatar forms part of a specialist Terminator kill-team sent to delve into the darkness beneath Sarastus, bringing the flame and fury of his Chapter in equal measure. But Branatar brings with him the shadowed legacy of his own past as well...

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