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Decimus (Character)

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Decimus is the Prophet of the Eighth Legion and leader of a warband of Night Lords formerly of the 10th Company, previously led by Talos Valcoran.


Decimus is a young Space Marine carrying the gene-seed taken from Talos Valcoran by Variel the Flayer. He may be the son of two of Talos' slaves, Septimus and the Navigator Octavia, as Talos warned them Variel would come for their child one night if he survived Tsagualsa.[1a] He inherited Talos' ability of foresight, as well as his sword Aurum and the twin-linked boltgun of the War-Sage Malcharion. Other affectations adopted from First Claw include the aquila on his armour ritually broken in the same manner as Talos, a cloak of flayed skin as Uzas used to wear, and a studded helm combining the skull with soul hunter rune of Talos, the ceremonial winged crest worn by Xarl and lightning bolt tears of Cyrion.[1b]

At a gathering of the Legion shortly before the 13th Black Crusade, he prophesied that Abaddon would defeat the Imperium, although a great many of the warband leaders present would die - including Zar Tavik, Kalex, Darjyr, and Toriel the White Handed.[1b]

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