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Deliverance of Vulgate

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The Deliverance of Vulgate was a battle fought by the Grey Knights. It began when a Shrine World Vulgate run by the Ecclesiarchy was overrun by Daemons of Nurgle following the necrophage cults in the catacombs of this planet. The Grey Knights arrived to purge the planet, armed with new Vortimer Pattern Razorbacks. The Grey Knights used these vehicles to launch a series of devastating rapid assaults across the winding catacombs of the world's shrines. The small lightly armed squads were afforded a high degree of mobility and protection by their Razorbacks, and the Psycannons mounted upon each gunned down hordes of Plaguebearers. Upon the successful conclusion of the battle, Grey Knights Master Armourer Vortimer consigned his new variant of Razorback to the Grey Knights Armoury.[1]