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Deus Encarmine (Novel)

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Deus Encarmine
Cover art for 2004 edition by Philip Sibbering.
Author James Swallow
Publisher Black Library
Series Blood Angels
Followed by Deus Sanguinius
Released 2004
Editions 2004 softcover
ISBN 1-84416-154-4

Deus Encarmine is the first novel in the Blood Angels (Novel Series) by James Swallow, featuring Rafen and his brother Arkio. It was published in 2004 and re-published, along with Deus Sanguinius (Novel), in The Blood Angels Omnibus in 2008.

Plot Summary

Rafen, a Space Marine of the Blood Angels, is torn between his loyalty to his chapter and that of his blood-brother Arkio.

As his brother Arkio is proclaimed the reincarnation of the Lord Primogenitor Sanguinius all give fealty to the Reborn Angel.

All except Rafen that is. Inquisitor Remius Stele, a servant of Chaos manipulates the situation to cause a schism in the Chapter. From the Blood Angels home world of Baal comes the ruthless Lord of Death, Mephiston, sent forth by Chapter Master Dante to investigate and to judge, and he isn't known for his sense of mercy.

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