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Dirge Class Raider

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Dirge Class[1]

The Dirge Class Raider is a class of Necron Escort class starship.


It is the smallest vessel in the Necron fleet, and the smaller of the two known escort classes (the other being the Jackal Class Raider). It appears to be somewhat rarer, although this may be due to the relative scarcity of encounters with Necron fleets.[Needs Citation]

They are believed to be the ships encountered before the Yuctan Incident and the first known Necron harvest. In 692.M41 a layer of impenetrable metal was encountered under the ground of Angelis which turned out to be a ship that rose out of the sands and left rapidly. It was likely that the Angelis Boat was the first Dirge Class Raider.[Needs Citation]

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