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Donorian Sector

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The Donorian Sector is a Sector of Imperium space, that contains a dense convergence of Webway tunnels. These tunnels were later breached during the Thirteenth Black Crusade, when the Inchoate Rage Warp Storm appeared; which caused hordes of Donorian Fiends to emerge from the Webway and rampage across Donoria Prime. Six Astra Militarum Regiments, from Tradian Minoris, were dispatched to the world, to destroy the Xenos creatures and close the breached Webway tunnels, but it was later discovered that both the Regiments and the world's entire population had disappeared. Worse still, the Imperium later received reports that the worlds of Donoria Tertius and Septimus had suffered the same fate. The only clue as to who was behind the abductions, was a card of a steel serpet that was stabbed into the head of Donoria Prime's Planetary Governor.[1]

Known Worlds

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