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Dymetrin is an Imperial Guard Tank Commander.[1]

It is said amongst the 1635th Vostroyan Firstborn Mechanised that Alaxei Dymetrin has oil running through his veins instead of blood. Dymetrin has never really embraced the lifestyle of the officer, and is more comfortable in the steel belly of one of his beloved tanks than he is in the comfort of command headquarters. However, after the death of his own superior officer during the Eighteenth Great War of Vostroya, Dymetrin led his regiment’s Leman Russ squadrons with such efficacy that he broke the Ork siege plaguing his world’s capital. His field promotion was quickly made an official posting, and he has been regretting it ever since. Reasoning that rank has its privileges, he has since given his orders from the command cupola of Tundra’s Bite, a Baneblade super-heavy tank whose interior is covered in etchings, friezes and kill markings.[1]