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Eldorath Starbane

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Eldorath Starbane is an Eldar Farseer of Craftworld Alaitoc. In M41 his arrogance would lead his war host to a disastrous defeat against the Necrons of Imotekh the Stormlord in the Siege of Somonor. Starbane was the only Eldar to make it back to Alaitoc alive, revealing he was captured and had his right hand severed by Imotekh as a sign of humiliation. Since then, Starbane has pledged vengeance against the Sautekh Dynasty.[1a]

In 991.M41, Starbane led a small group of Rangers to aid Pedro Kantor against the remnants of Waaagh! Snagrod at the Battle for Traitor's Gorge on Rynn's World.[2]

Later, in 999.M41, Starbane would lead another attack against the Necrons in the Carnac Campaign. However, here he would again be defeated by the Necron Overlord Anrakyr.[1b]