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Elsy'eir is a Tau sept, a world within the Tau Empire. The sept was founded as part of the Second Sphere of Expansion.[2]

Sept Summary

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map elsy'eir.jpg Name Elsy'eir Elsy'eir Sept Symbol.png {{{Planetary Image Px}}}px
Expansion: Second
Location: Eastern Fringe Elsyeir.jpg
Colours: Red and Grey[3]

Sept Information

Sept Colours
Red and Grey[3]
Uniform Variations

Elsy’eir - is a densely populated sept and has many moons, most of which are mined for valuable ores used in the construction of battlesuits. The main production facilities for the glorious XV104 Riptides can be found upon the glittering sept world of Elsy’eir Prime.[4] The sept also is known for poetry, artistry, and creativeness.[1][2]