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Energy weapon

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The following is a list of energy-based weapons. This does not include chemical, kinetic, or psychic energy weapons.

Distortion Weapons

Distortion Weapons utilize energy to create a space-warp space interface. This interface is inherently unstable, and this instability destroys the target. The Distort Cannon or D-Cannon is an example of this type of weapon.

Flame Weapons

Main Article: Flame Weapon
Flame Weapons are devices which gout forth huge quantities of fire or burning substances. They consist of two components, the fuel projector and the ignition flame. These weapons are quite effective in close urban/jungle combat and assault on enemy trenches, bunkers or fortifications. Also the most secure weapon in a boarding action since it represent almost 0 chance to penetrate the hull causing explosive decompression.

Gauss Weapons

Main Article: Gauss Weaponry
Gauss Weapons are used by the Necrons and are horrifying devices. They strip back the targets molecules one by one, literally flaying their layers off in a matter of seconds. It is highly effective against anything, including thick armour, gradually peeling the layers back.

Laser Weapons

Main Article: Las Weapon
Laser is derived from the acronym: L.A.S.E.R or Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. These weapons use a coherent beam of light to cause explosive damage due to radical temperature shift and differentiation.

Plasma Weapons

Main Article: Plasma Weapon
Plasma Weapons operate by converting normal gasses or fuel materials into a highly energised state of matter known as plasma. This material is then encased in a magnetic containment field that prevents the plasma "bolt" from dissipating before reaching it's target. Once the plasma comes into contact with a solid material, the magnetic field ruptures, venting superheated plasma onto the target. The enemy is then vaporised.

Melta Weapons

Main Article: Melta Weapon
Melta Weapons fire a sub-molecular thermal blast which effectively vaporises anything it comes into contact with. In a matter of seconds the target is turned into molten slag and steaming vapour, making it a fearsome weapon.

Tesla Weapons

Main Article: Tesla Weapon
Tesla Weapons unlease bolts of living lightning that crackles from foe to foe after hitting its target, charring flesh and melting armour. Tesla bolts feed off the energy released by the destruction, the lightning becomming more furious with every fresh arc.

Sonic Weapons

Main Article: Sonic Weapon
A Sonic Weapon utilizes contrasting harmonics to create a devastating vibration in the target.

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