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Enhanced Warrior

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Enhanced Warriors during the Horus Heresy

Enhanced Warriors, also known as Terata[4b] are subjects, who, either willingly or unwillingly, undergo extensive genetic manipulation at the hands of Fabius Bile. Fabius began development of these warriors in his position of Chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children during the Horus Heresy when Horus gave him an improved gene-seed code stolen by the Alpha Legion from the Raven Guard. However unknown to Fabius Alpharius had secretly corrupted the code and as a result, much like the Raven Guard's Raptors before them, his initial experiments were short-lived mutations.[4c][5]

Twisted in body and mind, these enhanced warriors exhibit strength and reactions many times greater than standard humans and can surpass even Space Marines. Bile considers his Enhanced Warriors to be his proudest achievement and an artistic achievement, considering them a type of "New Man".[1][2] The unsuccessful experiments, however, turn into raving beasts, and even the successfully transformed Enhanced Warriors are prone to fits of instability.[2][3]

Notable Terata