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Erik Morkai

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The Badge of Morkai[3]
Erik Morkai in combat with the Dark Eldar over the Luetin Necropolis.[2a]

Erik Morkai is a Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves as of late M41[1a].


Grim and stern in his demeanour, Erik was named after Morkai, the wolf that guards the underworld, long before he rose to Wolf Lord and adopted the two-headed Deathwolf's symbol as his company badge[1a].

He is less congenial than many of his fellow Wolves, and won his position for the terrifying effectiveness of his methods, rather than his personality. He deals with any problems that come his way with the same swift and brutal decisiveness. His Great Company specializes in stealth missions, and contains a high number of Wolf Scouts, whose grim and solitary temperament reflects their Lord's. It is whispered that, if the other Wolf Lords were still capable of fear, they would fear Erik Morkai[1a].

Erik's twin brother, Irnist the Wise, was elevated to the Space Wolves with him, but later left his side to join Logan Grimnar's entourage as a Rune Priest, something for which Erik has never truly forgiven him[1a].

Notable Actions

  • 822.M41: Erik's Great Company ambushed the piratical Kabal of the Shattered Hand over the Luetin Necropolis, hurling themselves from the buildings' windows just as the pirates believed themselves secure after passing over the Necropolis' defense networks unhindered.[1b]. The Wolves shattered the Eldar force, taking only a few casualties themselves. The Kabal's Archon, Vranak, was finally overwhelmed when Morkai jumped with her - unexpectedly - into the miles-deep depth beneath the xenos crafts. Only Morkai survived the crash, grievously wounded.[2b]