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Etolph Cycerin

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Etolph Cycerin, after his corruption by the Iron Warriors[2].

Etolph Cycerin was an Adept of the Adeptus Mechanicus who later turned to Chaos.


Hydra Cordatus

This page contains spoilers for: Storm of Iron (Novel)

Adept Cycerin commanded the outer defenses of the Imperial bastion on Hydra Cordatus, from inside a strike-hardened bunker[1a]. Originally confident in the defenses under his control, he was severely unnerved when these defenses were outflanked and destroyed by an invasion force of the Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines. A Chaos Dreadnought hammered its way into the "impregnable" bunker, and Cycerin prepared to die bravely. In a fight with Kroeger of the Iron Warriors one of his hands where torn off. His life was spared however due to the surprise intervention of "The Warsmith", as his sorcerer Jharek Kelmaur had a vision of a one-handed servant of the Machine God that was important.[1b].

Taken prisoner he was chained to a angled trestle, that was part surgical table and part engineers workbench. Sorceror Jharek Kelmaur had replaced his missing hand with an augmented bionic gauntlet, its black surface covered with ancient symbols of power. Encircling the wrist was a broad, spiked bracelet with curved talons embedded deep in the flesh above the gauntlet. A modified form of the Obliterators' techno-virus seeped from the talons, slowly working its way around Cycerin's body. Eruptions of mecha-organic components appeared all over his flesh, their form fluid, yet angular. His flesh seethed with the workings of the virus as they integrated themselves with his organic matter. Cycerin opened his eye, the pupil a dilated black, its internal surfaces alive with crawling, newly-birthed circuitry. Smiling and nodding at his new pulsing gauntlet, he asked Jharek Kelmaur for more changes. Cycerin later turned to the Iron Warriors' service, staying loyal to Honsou, who had succeeded the Warsmith.[1b]

Invasion of Ultramar

This page contains spoilers for: The Chapter's Due (Novel)

By the time of the Bloodborn's invasion of Ultramar, Cycerin had all but given up his humanity, becoming an amalgamation of Dark Mechanicum machinery suspended inside a Chaos-tainted amniotic gel.[3a] This form allowed him to directly interface with Honsou's various war machines, including the flagship Warbreed[3a][3b] and the Black Basilica command vehicle that Honsou led on Calth[3c][3d]. From these bases, Cycerin controlled the scrapcode attacks that overwhelmed and shut down the Ultramarines' defenses.[3b] Magos Vianco Locard analyzed these attacks and developed countermeasures, but the raw power at Cycerin's command made the "fight" between him and Locard akin to "a brawny axeman fighting a duellist."[3e] Cycerin was close to overwhelming Locard's defenses and seizing control of the Praetorian Servitors deployed on the Ultramarines' side, before Raven Guard Captain Aethon Shaan infiltrated the Black Basilica and killed Cycerin, shortly before blowing up the entire vehicle with demolition charges.[3e]