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Exalted Sorcerer

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Exalted Sorcerer

Exalted Sorcerers are experienced Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons.


Amongst the manifold warp-wielders of the Thousand Sons there are those whose skill, cunning and naked ambition burn bright as a raging star. For these Sorcerers, the power that can be achieved within the Legion is bound only by the limits of their own sanity, and they delve ever further into the most forbidden psychic disciplines to perfect their ruinous spellcraft. Those whose souls are not torn to shreds by the empyric forces they encounter may rise to the rank of Exalted. The members of this echelon are the most favoured of Tzeentch’s mortal servants, powerful warlords who command the Legion’s armies and who steer the course of the galaxy towards one of the horrific fates they have foreseen.[1]

An Exalted Sorcerer’s rank in the Legion’s hierarchy is not fixed – as servants of Tzeentch they are acutely aware that the favour given them may change at any moment. As such they must strive tirelessly to maintain their position, subjugating those who covet their power through manipulation, deceit and open displays of force. In this way Exalted Sorcerers gather beneath them many thralls – lesser Sorcerers who serve the wiles of their master. Many of these Sorcerers are unaware that they are pawns in an Exalted Sorcerer’s grandiose schemes, for their enslavement is veiled by subtle lies and constantly shifting promises.[1]

Notable Exalted Sorcerers


Exalted Sorcerer Miniatures