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Eye of Night

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2drones.gif This article is about the Artefact, for the Audio Drama see Eye of Night (Audio Drama)

The Eye of Night was an ancient artefact connected to the Hand of Darkness located in the Gothic Sector world of Ornsworld[1]. In appearance it is a multifaceted obsidian crystal of unknown origin and can emit an ebon beam, that causes machines to suffer massive power failure or catastrophic internal damage.[2]


The Eye of Night once was once located inside of the eye of a statue, on the Ratling Imperium world Ornsworld, where it was worshipped by them as a god in pre-Imperial times. However, Ornsworld was later invaded by Chaos Space Marines attempting to secure the eye and they proceeded to blockade and siege its inhabitants until they retrieved it. The Chaos Space Marines' initial attack was pushed back by an Imperial Guard recruiting force, but a month later the Chaos blockade was erected and a full invasion began. The Ratlings could not stand against such a force and the death toll was in the millions as they fled into the hills. Lieutenant Comton-Hawkins of the recruitment force, recorded some of the atrocities caused by the Chaos forces, such as wiping out the small settlement of Esmerelda's Dale and bringing the side of the Great Belly mountain down, sweeping away seven towns and 82,000 ratlings.[1]

Inquisitor Horst attempted to recover the artefact, but it was spirited away by a thief into the hands of Chaos[1]. Abaddon the Despoiler, later took possession of the Eye of Night during the Gothic War and used it to take control of the Blackstone Fortresses.[2]