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Farseer (Novel)

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Author William King
Publisher Black Library
Released May 2002
Pages 288 (2002 edition)
320 (2010 edition)
Editions 2002 softcover:
ISBN 1-84154-244-X

2010 softcover (Print on Demand):
ISBN 9781844169061

2012 ebook:
ISBN 9780857877208

Cover art for the 2010 edition

Farseer is a novel by William King, featuring the Eldar. It was first published in 2002.


A Rogue Trader by the name of Janus Darke has fallen away from wealth and grace, to be taken on a hellish trip to the Eye of Terror and the planet Belial IV (which pre-Fall was an Eldar planet) by a Farseer Auric Stormcloud and his bodyguard, Athenys in search of a weapon with which to defeat a daemon prince of their hated enemy, Slaanesh.

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