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The Black Library Anthology (2013/14)

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The Black Library Anthology (2013/14) is an anthology of short stories published by Black Library, first released at the 2013 Black Library Weekender Event in November 2013.

Warhammer 40,000 Fiction

Luna Mendax

On Luna, Garviel Loken has become a recluse after returning from his failed, first mission as a Knight-Errant to Caliban. He has ignored Malcador's summons and devoted himself to restoring a garden in a forgotten dome of the Somnus Citadel. Suddenly, the spirit of Tarik Torgaddon, slain months ago on Isstvan III, appears. Torgaddon asks his old friend why he is moping in the garden when there is a war going on. Loken morosely says that he is an Astartes, not made to fight "in the shadows," as Malcador would have him do.[1]

Torgaddon says that Astartes are made to fight any war, and Loken has not forgotten the important things. He tells Loken to look again at the garden he has restored, and Loken is surprised to realise that he has unconsciously recreated the water park on Sixty-Three Nineteen, where he was accepted to the Mournival. Loken says the Mournival is dead, but Torgaddon says the oath he swore is not: to serve the Emperor above all primarchs, and to resist His enemies with all his strength. Before Torgaddon disappears, Loken asks if his old friend is just a figment of his imagination. Torgaddon, deathly serious, says he feels real, and suspects that something terrible happened to him after he died, and only Loken can reverse it. Loken is then visited by Iacton Qruze bearing another summons from Malcador, which Loken accepts.[1]

The Wreckage

by David Annandale

Battling traitors on the world of Aionos, Commissar Yarrick and the 252nd Armageddon Steel Legion find themselves assailed by an altogether different foe...

The Lords of Borsis

by L.J. Goulding

The complacent Overlord Turakhin of Borsis faces unrest. His vassals plot against him amd his protectors show signs of disloyalty. Can he overcome this and retain his throne?

Death's Shepherd

by Andy Smillie


by Cavan Scott

As the mysterious Flayers stalk the streets of a ravaged world, a brother and sister struggle to survive. Bit their saviours may be even more dangerous than their alien enemies.