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Flesh Shaper of Melancholia

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Flesh Shapers is a title given to Slaanesh-affiliated worshippers from the planet Melancholia in the Screaming Vortex that worship the power of Chaos.[1]


These Cultists are individuals who are surrounded by irresistible temptation and excesses located within the inner ring of the Vortex. This leads to them ultimately succumbing to long suppressed urges leading to their emotions overwhelming them thus beginning their path on becoming a Flesh Shaper. Those that attain this title gain the mysterious ability to mould and warp flesh with this radical power allowing them to not only modify their own flesh but that of others through the art of Flesh Crafting. The path eventually leads to them leaving their more mundane existence on the fabled chariot of their god Shornaal. This leads to their life as heretics that succumb to the temptations of Slaanesh where they use their now formidable skills within the Vortex which is unique within that area of space. Many of their number are also eager to expand their skillset in seeking out new spells or techniques that they can use to alter their misshapen forms. This can lead to them seeking out the adepts of the Omnissiah in order to learn of their knowledge in cybernetics and surgery in order to discover the means of implanting devices within their bodies. The great majority of Flesh Shapers use this knowledge to alter sensory inputs of their modifications to twist the heights of experiences by linking nerves and synapses in reckless as well as unintended ways. A Flesh Shapers experiments are not confined to themselves as they eagerly seek out captives in order to experiment and practice their craft. These unfortunate individuals become known as Sculpulytes that serve as living works of art by the Flesh Shaper as a sign of their worship to Slaanesh.[1]