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Foedral Fell

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Foedral Fell was a commander of the Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy. A brutal sneering warrior known to have little honour, Fell was a major commander during the Battle of Calth. In the closing stages of the battle, he led a major but ultimately unsuccessful counterattack against Ultramarines forces on the surface of Calth.[1]

During the Underworld War, Fell commanded a major stronghold on Calth's surface, but he and his several thousand legionaries were sacrificed by Maloq Kartho as part of the latter's plan to ascend to daemonhood. When Ultramarines Captain Remus Ventanus arrived with a sizable force to purge the Word Bearers stronghold, Fell and all of his slaughtered men arose as Possessed Marines and attacked. Ventanus was nearly killed by the daemonic Fell, but was saved by Eikos Lamiad and the Venerable Dreadnought Telemechrus, the latter of whom obliterated Fell's body with his assault cannon.[2]